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The most popular monitoring system on the market. 52mm (2″) round unit with clear bright colour display


A  small surface mounted box  with multiple single-function inputs. For Autoshops, Tuners and DIY diagnostics, gor in a cluster for multiple readouts.



An old favorite. This is a simple unit that gives and audible and visual alarm when the coolant level is in error for more than 3 seconds. One little button and one little LED to install.


A fully customisable unit with multiple inputs, outputs and data logging. uses a Web interface for configuration.


COOLANT IS EVERYTHING. This system will react to ANY change in the coolant system behaviour out of the ordinary.

  • The system is designed to monitor coolant level (Presense of coolant) either with a wetted probe or with an extenal NON CONTACT probe. Any gradal loss of coolant during down time or on the road will be caught before casing any problems.
  • Coolant temperature is measured with a wetted or NON CONTACT temperature sensor to know exactly what themerature the coolant or housing is.
  • A 2 bar pressure sensor is included to monitor the change in coolant presure. This is mapped to the chracteristics of the engine and the temperature and will alarm if the pressure deviated out from the normal under otherwise normal conditions. 

Benefits of the coolant pressure sensing function:
Everything is normal as you’re driving, until  freeze plug (Welch plug) pops out or a hose comes off. The moment this happens the pressure is the first to change, immediately you will receive an alarm, you will not have to wait until all the water is out before the level sensor can trigger.

Benefits of the coolant temperatue sensing function:
Engine overloading, blocked radiator (internally or externally), ineffective cooling fan, bad water pump, all these will lead to a higher than normal coolant temperature with no other visible signs, we can prevent that from happening beffore damage occurs.

Benefits of coolant level sensing:
If there is little water in the cooling system the temperature sensor will not record the temperature correctly as the sensor must be wetted by the water. If the coolant leaks out overnight or into a surface what you cannot detect it, theere is nno way of knowing it is low. Low coolant level is also problematic as the water pump is not fully submerged in coolant so it is no effective at moving the water around the system. All these factors can be erradicated if the coolant level can be kept at the correct level, from startup to shut down.


take car of their cooling system as best is possible.

Adaptors & Sensors

Madman Sensors

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Required to convert physical status to electrical signals

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Reqired to connect sensors to your engine

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Sometimes an extension or replacementis needed

Mounting Options

Optional Mounting Housings for EMS3

If you do not have a suitable dash area, you can use a mounting pod, on top, underneath or on the side, your choice.

Mounting Options for the BRAVO

Still coming

Mounting Options for the MONO

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