Coolant Management System

Madman BRAVO Open


2 main features make the Madman CMS a game changer in the automotive cooling world.


Most of the time you have a coolant temperature gauge to tell you what the coolant temperature is, great. But, if the coolant level is low or if you’re not watching the gauge it’s pointless.
Then the Madman EMS came out with a coolant level alarm, which warns you when the coolant is low, even before the temperature goes up, now we’re getting somewhere.

The CMS takes it a step further with a Coolant Pressure Sensor  included in the trip. So now, if an SUDDEN loss of coolant happens 9such as a burst hose or wayward welch (freeze) plug causes sudden water loss, the unit will know even BEFORE the coolant drops and waay before the temperature rises. This gives you the very best chance of protecting your engine form water-loss related damage.

By monitoring the pressure in the cooling system, you will be able to tell if the system is healthy, and any high pressures relate to a bad coolant cap or even a bad head gasket. Sharp changes in pressure also indicate problems.


With the addition of the MPD50 the CMS can now control an array of cooling fans or water pumps with infinite detail.


The CMS is setup with our Madman Webapp and controlled by our neat and stylish M-Button which is easy to install and gives all the information and control you need.

The setup of the CMS is reasonably simple, but the power is massive.

The user can choose at which temperature the fans will start running and at which temperature the fans will be running at target speed. Additionally the user can set how fast the fans start running and how fast the target speed is.

An Example:

Start the fans at 50 Deg C and run them at 30% speed – This keeps some air moving through the AC radiator and adds a reasonable amount of cooling, but keeps the noise down, then at 95 DegC the fans should be running at 100%. The CMS will calculate the fan speeds for all the temperatures between 50 and 100 Deg C so the fan remains running at the correct speed.


Electrical and mechanical power saving

Less wear and tear on the fans

Much quieter environment around the car when cold

Get an audio idea on how hot the car is by what it sounds like

You can control the temperature of the engine around the ideal temperature


Typical Applications:

Cars with relay or temperature switch driven electric fans

Cars with electric waterpumps

As a cooling fan driver in a house or motor home / camper where a fan must run to keep circulation depending on the temperature.

Any system , such as a geyser, that requires the movement of water or operation of a motor, based in temperature or pressure.

The CMS wll be available soon, if you want to be a gunea pig, please contact use. .

Mounting the Button

The button require a 16mm hole in a panel

Additional Information

What’s in the Box ?

The CMS unit is an all-in-one product.You get:

      1. The main controller
      2. Wiring harness
      3. Temperature sensor
      4. Pressure sensor. 
Madman adapters + fittings

What’s Else do I Need ?

If you want to control a cooling fan or electric motor you will need to order the PD50 driver module.
You may need some heavy connecting wire (4mm2) depending on your situation.