Add a Data Logger to your EMS3 System

The EMS-3 is a multifunction engine information display and early warning engine monitoring system. It has been specifically designed to monitor crucial vehicle information, and in the event of any engine irregularities, it will alert the driver by means of a visual and audible alarm.

With its array of advanced features, the EMS-3 is an indispensable unit for the discerning vehicle owner. Costly maintenance bills can easily be avoided by the prevention of major engine problems before they occur.

A SPLASH PROOF version now joints the regular EMS3 version. This unit can tolerate water splash on it’s face, and additional full face ingress protection can be achieved by sealing the two housings together with a non-adhesive sealant like Wurth DP300

A DATA LOGGER is now available for the EMS3. This additional unit connects to 2 EMS3 units and will log all the EMS3 values, every second, to a 32G SD card with time and date stamp.

You can then take the CSV file and analyse it yourself or inspect the data using the Madman EMS Data Viewer software.

4 Programmable Inputs

Set your Own Input Name

Choose Temperature or Pressure from a range of supported sensors or create and calibrate your own with the new GENERIC feature (EMS3 V1.08 Onwards).

Multi-point calibration for custom sensors with Fine Adjustment

Hardware switches for resistive or voltage based sensors

3 Dedicated Inputs

EMS3 CLD Screen
EMS3 EGT Screen
EMS3 RPM Screen

The EMS-3 has 3 dedicated inputs that are fully configurable within their own paramaters.

CLD is the coolant Level Detector input and will give an alarm if the coolant is no seen for a preset period of time 1-10 seconds and has a sensitivity adjustment.

Output alarms can be configured when the CLD alarms.

The EGT input is the Exhaust Gas Temperature value of the exhaust gas. This is a measure of the load onthe engine as well as general health of the engine. It uses a K-Type thermocouple capable of over 1000 Deg C.

Output alarms can be configured when EGT is higher or lower than setpoints.

The EMS3 has a PULSE input  that can pickup an input from the Alternator W terminal or speed sensor or even  flow meter and in some cases from the ECU or other trigger.

Use this input to display RPM, Vehicle Speed, liquid flow rate etc.

Output alarms can be configured when RPM is higher or lower than setpoints.

Additional Functions and Screens

EMS3 Fan Control
EMS3 Security screen
EMS3 Security Screen
EMS3 Main Screen


The EMS3 has several built-in functions.

Fan Control enables you to control a cooling fan with separate on and off setpoints triggered by coolant temperature.

The EMS3 can also Lock it’s Keypad to prevent unauthorised changes to the settings.

The built-in Hour meter / Service Timer is a great tool to keep an eye on service intervals. The hour meter can be triggered by battery voltage to ensure the engine is running when counting hours.

The Battery voltage function reads the supply voltage of the unit. 12 or 24V is no problem. You can set outputs based on battery voltage

The Multi-Value screen is very handy in that it gives you  very clear overview of most of your monitored values.

A data logger is available that will record all values from upto two EMS3 units. Data is stored on a 32G SD card



EMS3 CLD Screen
EMS3 Features 2of2

Additional Information

What’s in the Box ?

The EMS3 unit is supplied with a 3 meter (10ft) wiring harness, external buzzer and mounting bracket for panels from 1mm to 10mm thick.

Madman adapters + fittings

What’s Else do I Need ?

You will need sensors andmounting adapters to the the system working.

We have a wide range of adapters and sensors to suit many applications.

These are packaged in Vehicle Specific Kits or in Function Specific Kits, or you can buy then all loose.