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We can assess you requirement and work out the what the best approach would be to solve your problem.

In some cased a bespoke solution is required where we make a completely new product for you, but often some customization is all that is required to get you on track.


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Let us come and visit you (where possible) to fully understand your requirements, we’re quite happy to investigate any onitoring and control problems you may have.


20 units

The EMS2 Field Test Kit was made for a mining customer for testing systems underground. Their challenge was that the machines are permanently underground and far from the test workshop nearly 2000 meters above, on the surface.  The kit enables installation and unit testing without removing the unit from the machine.


20 Units

When the EMS3 came around this was the next logical step, but this time for other customers too. 

EMS2+3 E



A customized version of the EMS2 and later the EMS3 was developed to suit specific industrial tasks that have different inputs and timing requirements. 




Several other units and modules have been made for fuel monitoring, speed control, thermal switches etc, however these were for private clients. 

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