Madman BRAVO Open

The Madman BRAVO is an EARLY WARNING and LOGGING SYSTEM for any vehicle or machine.
The BRAVO is specifically designed to reduce dashboard clutter and make installation neater and easier.  The BRAVO system features the ”M-Button”  which is a multi-function, multi-colour button that serves as your primary source of status information.

The M-Button can be programmed to display different colours for different caution and alarm conditions as well as have flashing options.

The BRAVO also features a full web interface that enables you to manage all the configurations of the unit.

4 Expansion ports allow for your choice of inputs. The Module will auto-Detect which module is inserted and provide configuration options accordingly.

All alarm points and actions are programmable. It uses the standard range of Madman sensors and adaptors to read temperatures and pressures on various vehicles and engines.

The BRAVO is suitable for any 12 or 24 Volt vehicle or engine. Common applications include 4×4, Commercial vehicles, Machinery and Luxury SUVs

The BRAVO is still in Development but will be coming soon

Additional Information

What’s in the Box ?

The BRAVO will be shipped WITHOUT modules as these are selected at the time of purchasing.


Madman adapters + fittings

What’s Else do I Need ?

You will need sensors and sensor modules. This process will be rather easy as you simply select a function.

In the function pack you will get a module and sensor to suit. Just plug them into the BRAVO unit and it will configure the channel automatically for you.


Where Can I Get It ?