PD50 - Power Driver (Still under development)

The Power Driver functions as a variable ON switch (PWM) as well as a ON/OFF switch for heavy loads.

The unit is built into an aluminium enclosure which is bolted to the vehicle body and will dissipate heat as required by the load. It has protected inputs and is triggered by a ground signal on it’s input.


  • 12V DC operation
  • Input ON condition <1 Volt (Cable supplied with CMS Unit)
  • MAX Current Capacity Continious 50 Amps
  • MAX Intermittent Current (2 Seconds) 200 Amps
  • Fan Contacts 2 x 4mm Bolts (Lugs and bolts included)
  • 80x80x30mm
  • Mounting holes 68mm apart (Screws Included)
  • Fuse -Automotive Blade Fuse 50A Max (Included)