Ems3 Data Viewer

Quick Data Viewing Application

The LOG-1 is a dual port data logger designed to work with the EMS3 Monitoring system.

The unit will log all known data from upto two EMS3 units to a single 32G SD card in 2 separate log files.

The files are in the .CSV format and are both time/date stamped

You can then take the CSV file and analyse it yourself or inspect the data using the Madman EMS Data Viewer software.

Wiring and Leds

Log File Format

The EMS-3 has 3 dedicated inputs that are fully configurable within their own paramaters.

CLD is the coolant Level Detector input and will give an alarm if the coolant is no seen for a preset period of time 1-10 seconds and has a sensitivity adjustment.

Output alarms can be configured when the CLD alarms.

The EGT input is the Exhaust Gas Temperature value of the exhaust gas. This is a measure of the load onthe engine as well as general health of the engine. It uses a K-Type thermocouple capable of over 1000 Deg C.

Output alarms can be configured when EGT is higher or lower than setpoints.

The EMS3 has an RPM input  that can pick upp an input from the Alternator W terminal and in some cases from the ECU or other trigger.

Output alarms can be configured when RPM is higheror lower than setpoints.

Setting the System Time

The LOG-1 has an internal clock and uses a CR2032 battery (Included and fitted)

The internal clock must be set before installing the unit and can be reset in the future by following the same procedure.

Create a text file on a PC and call it TIME.txt

type in a future date and time in the format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

Example: 29 February 2024 at 09:45 will be entered as 29/02/2024 09:45:00

Save the file on the SD card.

Power up the unit at exactly the time you entered, the date will be saved.

Turn off the unit, remove the SD card and delete the TIME.TXT file otherwise the unit will load this time file each time it boots up.


Additional Information

What’s in the Box ?

The LOG1 unit
A 4 wire harness
A 32G SD card.
You can get the manual and software pre-loaded on the SD Card or download it in the TECHNICAL SUPPORT section. 


Madman adapters + fittings

What Else do I Need ?

 Your EMS3 version number must be Ver 1.6 or higher. If yours is lower than 1.6 you will need a FIRMWARE UPGRADE

You will need an EMS3 unit and a harness fitted with a lead in the pin7 location.
Please confirm this before ordering as the early harnesses were not fitted with this additional wire.
We can send the needed wire.