Madman CLD2 unit

The CLD2 is a simple mono-function unit that monitors the coolant level in a container. 

The 2 colour LED will be pilot green for all OK ad will flash Red when the coolant has been in error for more than 3 seconds.

The button silences the alarm, it also musted the alarm or disables the unit completely.

4 Programmable Inputs

Additional Information

Madman CLD2 unit

What’s in the Box ?

It’s all in the box.

The unit has an electrical terminal that must make contact with the coolant. Usually it is installed with two stainless steel screws in the plastic coolant header tank. If this is not possible, one of the coolant level detector adapter options may be needed..

Madman Coolant Adapters

What Else do I Need ?

Various coolant adapters are available to facilitate the installation of the CLD – if indeed needed.


Where Can I Get It ?