EMS3 Firmware

Version 1.09 10/04/2024


1. New Generic Analog Input Option. You choose what to use it for, set your own Name and Units. Eg: Fuel Guage, Speedo etc

2. Add RPM option to trigger Hour Meter


Version 1.07 22/04/2021

Enhancement: Changed backlight increment to 5% and 1% below 10%

Version 1.06 05/03/202

Bug: Fixed CJC showing degree F in the calibration menu
Enhancement: Comms output compatible with datalogger
Enhancement: Added a hour meter on/off menu option. EMS-3V106

Version 1.05 29/10/2020

Enhancement: Increased filter for volts.

Version 1.04 09/04/2020

Enhancement: Added support for a new screen controller
Enhancement: Extended the backlight brightness setting
Enhancement: Added a service timer alarm output and warning message.

Version 1.03 01/04/2020

Enhancement: Volts will alternate with RPM on the main display if RPM is zero and RPM is enabled
Enhancement: Cleaned up the Display all screen showing different number of channels.

Version 1.02 26/01/2020

Enhancement: Changed alarm startup delay to 30 seconds
Bug: Fixed RPM alarm acknowledge.

Version 1.01 18/10/2019

Enhancement: Alarm jumps to display causing alarm, excepetion is RPM and display all display.

Version 1.00 04/09/2019

Initial release.

IFFU Programmer Download

Tell your Anti-Virus to ignore virus warnings

You will need a standard voltage  RS-232 / USB Cable available from Madman Developments

BRAVO Firmware

Version 1.2.10 21/02/2023


  • Fixed issue with M-button missing cautions values
  • Fixed factory reset
  • Changed Wi-Fi scanner to run once at startup and in ignition off state (ignition must be enabled to enter state)
  • Added hardware factory reset option
  • Added a failed indicator when FTP fails to upload