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We aim to support our products from the first models released, whether you are the original owner or not, all the way to the current models. We will continue with 1-on-1 support of a problem until a solution is found. This may take some time but a good understanding of the fault is critical for for a speedy resolution.


Our Support

Unit Repairs

Our units carry a 1 year warranty, but we will attempt to repair a unit regardless of age. Sometimes we are able to shi replacement parts such as a keypad,  display button or conector to you, thus saving costs. As a last resort we would need to get the unit back to the factory for full assessment.

Firmware Upgrades

Some units can be flash upgraded with newer firmware. This may be a bug fix or improvement, but it is most often a feature upgrade. The EMS3 can be flashed by the user or by an approved agent. Current firmware is available in the Firmware Upgrade Section.

Component Replacement

Even if you bought  prepacked kit, You will never find yourself unable to find a replacement part. We stock all the smaller parts of the kit and can supply whatever is required to get your system up and running again. Contact us with your requirements.


CLD2 Downloads


EMS1 and EMS2 Downloads

These products are discontinued, but still supported where possible


What People Are Saying

Logal Guide 10 reviews

 2 months ago

Excellent product. Fantastic service.
Francois Moller

Local Guide · 26 reviews
a year ago
Friendly people best service!
Corno Els

Local Guide · 128 reviews

 2 weeks ago

Excellent products
Jose Marques

I REALLY APPRECIATE your work and amazing support!! I am really looking forward to getting this installed.
... Cheers!

A Lifelong customer,

Doug Morrison

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